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Tai Chi Easy For Life

More than 300 different known martial arts styles are practiced in China. There are two Chinese Martial Art systems, the internal and the external systems. The internal system includes Tai Chi.

There are many different styles or families of Tai Chi Chuan. The five which are practiced most commonly today are the Yang, Chen, Wu , Sun, and Woo styles. All Tai Chi styles, however, are derived from the original Chen family style. Some people believe that Tai Chi was developed by a Taoist Priest from a temple in China's Wu Dong Mountains. It is said that he once observed a white crane preying on a snake, and mimicked their movements to create the unique Tai Chi martial art style.

Initially, Tai Chi was practiced as a fighting form, emphasizing strength, balance, flexibility, and speed. Through time it has evolved into a soft, slow, and gentle form of exercise which can be practiced by people of all ages.

Various forms of Tai Chi range from somewhat simple to complex requiring several years to master and achieve an excellent level of competency. However, most people entering into the study and practice of Tai Chi neither have the time or inclination to master the long form 108 moves.

It is well known and understood that if you do not practice, you will be unable to benefit no matter how brilliant you may be. So if one leaves too soon after beginning Tai Chi, there may be many reasons, often having to do with the level of instruction, no one benefits and everyone loses.

Select your instructor carefully. Spend some time in a class observing. Ask for references, talk if possible with students and chose wisely.

Although there are dozens of good videos teaching Tai Chi & Qigong and perhaps many dozen books... there is no substitute for instruction under the tutelage of a professional. You will learn faster, be more competent and achieve better health, vitality and longevity. Ask a professional instructor to explain why this is so.

Our style combines only five moves with extensive training in Qigong, including breathing, self massage and deep relaxation. Our typical class last approximately 10 weeks, once or twice a week. The ongoing classes add moves and perfect those already practiced.

We are very well suited for the aging population who's bodies have begun to breakdown with injuries and limitations, health issues and simple aches and pains interfering with a good exercise program.

Tai Chi Easy for Life combines aerobic, strength, training, core stability, flexibility and balance into a program that is easy to learn and practice making it an excellent choice. In fact, a "Lifelong Choice".

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