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What is Qi Gong ?

Stanley D. Wilson, Ph.D. writes that "Oriental medical philosophy holds a belief that a mysterious and invisible energy exists throughout the universe. This vital energy sparks and sustains life and drives the activities of all living things. There are certain vital activities that sustain life, such as breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, thinking, choosing, exercising... any and all of which would cease without a continuous source of energy. Energy supports and maintains all of the vital structures and functions of the body; it is the vital force that nourishes the cells, tissue,and various interacting subsystems of the body (for example, the musculoskeletal system, the circulatory and the immune system). This life energy is what the ancients referred to as Qi (pronounced chee).

The deep rooted belief in the absolute importance of Qi also requires that the Qi in and around our bodies be in balance for health, vitality and longevity. Therefore, simply put, the word Gong refers to work or exercise that requires both study and practice. By combining Qi and Gong we form "Qi Gong or Qigong".

What can the study and practice of Qigong do for me?

Some of the benefits observed by studying and practicing Qigong on a regular basis:

  • Improve postural alignment and flexibility

  • Relieve muscular tension and pain

  • Stimulate immune system to prevent and heal illness

  • Reduce stress, inflammation and disease associated with stress

  • Improve quality of breathing and resipration

  • boost energy levels and stamina

  • Improve overall sense of well-being

Qigong is relatively easy to learn and like all other mind / body practices begins with intention, postural correction, quieting the mind (Neutral state), deep diaphragmatic breathing and slow meditative movements. There are more then 10,000 forms and moves of Qigong. Qigong is actually the Mother of Tai Chi and is used in Oriental Medicine as one of the primary systems for healing.

When you study and practiceTai Chi Easy, we combine Qigong with just five moves of Tai Chi to activate the "Healer within", this practice is designed to be practical for our fifty and beyond population to bring rewards to our health to our practice group.

It is always rewarding to hear and witness the almost miracle improvements in the health and vitality obtained from all ages, but in particular, those in their 60's, 70's & 80's. In our advanced years, we should no longer need to be dependent on others for simple tasks. After Tai Chi Easy, we are more confident of balance, have regained flexibility in the spine and joints and the joy of life will return.

As our good friend and mentor, Dr. Raj reminds us... "We are only present when the miracle occurs." We simply help each other activate the Healer Within" and then step aside and watch the sometimes incredible results.

Francesco Gari Garripoli and Daisy Lee demonstrating

and teaching Qigong.

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